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About us
MolaJI JSC is the company registered in the Virgin Islands in the United Kingdom on 19.01.2003. During the first 5 years we have been engaged in trade in shares of large companies. Our initial company capital was $200,000 and for 4 years our traders have increased it to $1,000,000. Since 2007, our company started dealing with the international Forex Currency Exchange. The staff was replenished by 60 traders, they were trained for 1 year. After that, our team selected 15 highly skilled professionals, who have not committed any substantial drawdown of the deposit during the year.

In March 2011, our working capital crossed the mark of $3,000,000. At the end of 2012, our analysts predicted the imminent collapse of Forex brokers. Therefore, MolaJI JSC company management decided to restructure the business, and we started paying attention to the market novelty - Bitcoin cryptocurrency. At that time, there were first stock exchanges and Bitcoin price began to grow very quickly. In autumn of 2013, the record rate jump to a value of more than $1,000 per 1 BTC took place, just several months ago the rate was at around $20 per 1 BTC. No modern currency in the world can boast such pronounced volatility.

Our team of traders, at the moment comprising more than 100 people, urgently passed a semi-annual training and received qualifications of stock trading using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. As of June 2016, the companys management decided on the companys expansion and opening of the official web-portal MolaJI JSC, that will attract investments from private individuals to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We are proud to present you the portal that will become a reliable source of passive income for years ahead. Against the background of the global economic crisis the Bitcoin exchange rate continues to grow steadily. One can say with confidence that investments in cryptocurrency are the most profitable and promising direction for the next 5 years.
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